Android Advance Concept Introduction

In this section we will learn Android Advance Concept. This section is designed for experienced developers who have Java programming experience and know the fundamentals of how to build an Android app using the Java language.

This section assumes you know how to :

  • Install and use Android Studio.
  • Run apps from Android Studio on both a device and an emulator.
  • Create and use activities in Android.
  • Use views to create your app's user interface.
  • Enable user interaction through click handlers.
  • Create layouts using the Android Studio layout editor.


And if you are a beginner in android app development so please firstly go through the Basic Android Concept and after this read out some Android GUI Concept and if you learn this both concept then you can continue here.

Here you can learn:

  • Intro Slider in Java.
  • Welcome Screen or Splash Screen in Java.