Array C Programing



Array in C Programming

The fundamental data types (int, char, float, double ), can store only one value at a given time. Therefore, they can be used only to handle limited amount of data. In some situations we need to handle a large volume of data for reading, processing and printing. And to process large amounts of data, we need a powerful data type that would facilitate efficient storing, accessing and manipulation of data. One such data type is Array

"An array is a fixed-size sequenced collection of elements of the same data type."


It is simply a grouping of similar type data that share a commorn name. For example: List of employees in an organisation, List of marks of all students etc.

Arrays can be classified in three types:



The various operations that can be performed on Arrays are:

Traversal : Acceesing each element exactly once in order to process it. This operation is visiting the element.
Searching : Finding the location of a given elements.
Insertion : Adding a new element in the array.
Deletion : Removing an existing element from array.
Sorting : Arranging the elements in some logical order (ascending or descending).
Merging : Combining the element of two arrays into a single array.