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  • 11 May
  • 2019

Visual Studio 2019 Features

On March, the preview of Visual Studio 2019 was released. This beta release features so many things, such as better searching, cleaning up one Click code, improving debugger and managing IDE's pull requirements and focusing on the productivity of developers and team collaboration.

These are some of the core features designed specifically to improve the dev team's productivity.

The main features and enhancements of IDE are detailed in the following.



Start Page

The VS2019 startup window will look totally new. We can clone a repository directly, open an existing project, create a new project, and navigate and open a code change folder. We see a "Continue without code" link, which opens without a solution VS2019 IDE. Below is the new look.

Visual Studio 2019 Start Page

Create Project

The "New Project Create" window has also changed, but it does contain almost the same features as the previous release from Visual Studio.

Create Project Visual Studio 2019


C# offers a lot of new and extremely useful refactors to help you organize our code more easily. They appear in the light bulb as suggestions, and include actions like moving members to interfaces or base classes, adapting name spaces for folder structure, converting foreach loops to Linq queries, etc.

Refactorings Visual Studio 2019

Just use Ctrl+ to invoke the refactorings. And the action we would like to take is selected.




Visual Studio IntelliCode is an extension that increases the efforts of artificial intelligence to improve our software development. IntelliCode trains its recommendations through 2,000 open source projects at GitHub, each with more than 100 stars.


Here are some of the ways to improve productivity by Visual Studio IntelliCode:

  • Deliver context-aware code completions
  • Guide developers to follow their team models and styles
  • Find code problems that are difficult to catch
  • Concentration code evaluations by drawing attention to real areas


Initially, Visual Studio only supported C # when the IntelliCode extension of Visual Studio was first previewed. Now, in Visual Studio, they have also added C++ and XAML support. We also have the ability to train a custom model on our own code if we use C#.

For more IntelliCode information, see the Code more, scroll less on the IntelliCode in Visual Studio blog post .

Live Share

Live Sharing Visual Studio 2019


  • The live sharing enhances the development cooperation, but a developer has to sign in Visual Studio to ensure the other developers know who shares the information.

Visual Studio 2019 Preview

  • The option Live Share is on the right hand side.
  • The developer is able to register with a Microsoft account or Microsoft-backed school or work account.
  • Visual Studio uses the Live Share functionality's personalization account by default, however from the option we can change the Live Share account details, as the screenshot shows:



  • To start a collaboration session click on the Live Share option. Once the live sharing environment is ready, the ' Sharing ' menu and invitation link are copied to the clipboard, and can be shared with other team members to take part.
  • A team member may participate in a live Share Session by navigate to "File > Join Collaboration Session".


Visual Studio 2019 Join Collaboration Session



Better Search

This feature is focused on the productivity of the developer. The new search can search for nearly everything including menus, commands, options, components for installation, project code and the Online.

Visual Studio 2019 New Search Feature

One-Click Code Cleanup

We see a new option when we open a file that tells about the file's health.

One Click Code Cleanup Visual Studio 2019

  • The mouse hovers on the yellow bulb icon and the summary of errors, warnings, and suggestions. is displayed.
  • By right-clicking the health indicator icon, we can run and configure the code cleanup rule as required, and selecting the "Configure Code Clean-up" opens the window for custom rule configuration.


Code Clean Up Configure Visual Studio 219


Debugger improvement

There was probably a search during debugging before, looking for a string in a set of values in the Watch window. Visual Studio added search for objects and values to the Watches, Locals or Autos windows in Visual Studio 2019.

Debug Search Window Visual Studio 2019

Performance Gains

The once exclusive C++ data breakpoints have been used by Visual Studio and adapted for the. NET Core applications.

Debug-data-breakpoints-Visual-Studio 2019

Whether C++ or .NET coding, therefore, data interruption points may be a good alternative to placing only regular interruptions. Data breaks are also great for scenarios such as the finding of the modification or addition or removal of a global object from the list.

And if the developer is a C++ developer, Visual Studio 2019 has created symbols that allow us to deploy the applications without any memory issues.

Manage Pull Request

In VS2019 we have complete control of the pull applications. We can review the code to execute and debug Azure Repos pull requests. A "Pull Requests for Visual Studio" extension must be downloaded from the market. I created an application for the pull and downloaded and installed the extension here from the link.

In the Visual Studio under Team Explorer we can view pull requests - Pull therequests and click on the application. Inside Visual Studio, the "Complete Details" window opens.


These are some new features which focus on the productivity of the development team. However, in many other areas, the recently announced VS2019 also had many improvements. Stay connected to the new version for more information.

See the Visual Studio Blog for more information about There latest innovations. See the Preview Release Notes for a record of what Visual Studio has released to date.

Would you like to know more about the Visual Studio 2019 works? look at the Visual Studio Roadmap.