Windows 10 Snip And Sketch

  • 17 Sep
  • 2019

Windows 10 Snip And Sketch

Microsoft has launched a fresh app, ' Snip & Sketch ' starting with Windows 10 1809, which substitutes for the common Snipping Tool. Similar features can be used with this tool to take screenshots, use tools like a pen or a pencil, and share them wherever we want.

In this manual, We will talk about the use of the app Snip and Sketch in Windows 10 to capture and annotate screenshots.



Snip & Sketch Tool in Windows 10

This app can be found in the app list, or in the Cortana search box we can search for Snip & Sketch. When it appears, click on the Snip and Sketch app. After it appears, the message ' Capture, mark and share any image ' is welcome you. The message ' Capture, label and share any picture ' will welcome you.


On Top left, click the New button.

This reduces the interface and provides us with a floating tool set that can be used with a rectangular clip, free-form clip or full-screen clip.


Choose any of them and you can pick one of them that you want to take a screenshot if you use anything except fullscreen clips. Keep the left button when you do. Release the left button once it's done.

The selected region is now on the Snip and Sketch app's canvas. The images can be stored in the.png format.


We will have a number of Markup tools, which we can use after we have received the screenshot.

Note that as soon as the editor opens, We're getting a PEN to write with. However, if we press the left button to move our mouse, the drawing will begin.

Edit a screenshot using Snip And Sketch



1.We have tools on the middle top such as touch writing, a ballpoint pen, a pencil, highlighter, a ruler and a crop tool.

2.To get additional choices, click the below portion of all these tools except touch-writing and crop instruments. Here we can modify both the color and the pen size. We can switch to Protector by clicking on Ruler tool.

Snip & Sketch Window10

3.On the top left, we have the options for save and copy the screenshot and share it.

4.Any other image can also be edited by clicking on the folder icon next to the new button at the top left side. Once the ruler or protractor tool is enabled, it doesn't seem to go unless we close the app and start it again.


A Snip and Sketch tool is useless without a screenshot if a hardware key is not available for starting it. As Print Screen captures the screenshot or saves the screenshot in the clipboard to OneDrive or to the Dropbox, if we can launch this app, that would be sensible.

To Use this Open Keyboard Setting

Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard. Turn on the toggle under Print Screen shortcut which says ‘ Use the PrtScn‘ to open screen snipping.

Snip and Sketch Print Scren-Sortcut

However, we need to disable Print Screen configuration with other applications and reboot our Window 10 PC for it to work.



To open Snip & Sketch, type the following command and hit Enter:



Right-click on desktop screen empty space, and choose the ' New ' option in the menu to create a desktop shortcut. Next, select ‘Shortcut’ to open the ‘Create Shortcut wizard’.

Copy the following address into location field when viewed.

%windir%\explorer.exe ms-screenclip:

Then press the Next button and enter the appropriate shortcut name. When you have finished, press the Finish button to create the Desktop screen shortcut.

To add a shortcut icon, right-click on the Desktop shortcut and select Properties.

Next, select Change Icon under the Properties Screen, then under “Look for icons in this file”, Copy and paste the following address and click the Enter button.


Select the appropriate icon as shown in the above picture. When finished, click "OK" and finally press the "Apply" button to change the icon.